Miguel Corbí, partner of the University of Burgos


Celebration of the Multiplier Event of the RIMAS Project

On May 30 and 31 we held the Multiplier Event of the Rimas project, organized by the University of Burgos at the Colegio Virgen de la Rosa.

The event consisted of two days; the first of them oriented to the presentation of the project tools and the learning platform; while the second of them, dedicated to the implementation of the Didactic Units of the project.

All this was certified by CFIE for all primary school teachers attending the course.

Partners in Colegio Virgen de la Rosa, Burgos.



On June 1 and 2, 2023, the last transnational meeting of the RIMAS project was held at Colegio Virgen de la Rosa, Burgos (Spain).
The meeting brought together partners from all the member countries of the project to review the calendar of actions and to specify the last tasks to be carried out to finalize this project.

Multiplier Event - Rimas Project


Registration for the Multiplier Event - Rimas Project

The University of Burgos organizes the multiplier event of the RIMAS project in Burgos. On May 30 and 31, it will take place at Virgen De la Rosa School in Burgos, with the aim of implementing innovative practices to promote integrated Mathematics and Physical Education initiatives and, in this way, encourage cooperation between teachers. from both areas of knowledge.