Ready to innovate: Maths&Sports4all Project (RIMAS)  is a co-funded Project by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, to support the strategic association of entities from different countries, whose objective is the implementation of innovative practices and the execution of joint initiatives. The aim is to promote cooperation, peer learning and exchange of experiences at European level.

The objectives that we pretend to develop with RIMAS are:

  • Design resources for the learning and reinforcement of Mathematics content through Physical Education for primary school students in a context of gender equality.
  • Promote the scientific vocation in a context of gender equality.
  • Promote transversal learning as a means to relate the curricular contents in everyday situations.
  • Support research as a means for innovation and improvement of teaching.
  • Encourage European social awareness and respect for other cultures among our students.

To achieve those objectives, the partnership is going to carry out the following activities and resources:

  • Good practices review in Mathematics and Physical Education.
  • Design and creation of didactic units for the learning of Maths-PE.
  • Design of an online training course for innovative teachers.
  • Student mobilities to test and evaluate the didactic units.  of the UD.
  • Dissemination congresses. 

The project will last 30 months and the main results that we expect to obtain are:

  • Onset of a methodological change in the teaching of Mathematics. 
  • Increase in vocations in the field of Mathematics and PE among girls.
  • Increased interest in Mathematics in Primary education students so that motivation is maintained in higher stages.