The University of Burgos will implement the Doctorate Program in Health Sciences next year


The University of Burgos will teach the Health Sciences Doctorate Program from the next academic year, after having received verification from the Agency for Quality of the University System of Castilla y León (ACSUCYL). With this, the UBU has 13 doctoral programs.

The implantation of the Doctorate Program in Health Sciences supposes reaching an important objective for the University of Burgos, for which it has been working for years, and complements the creation of the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the subsequent implantation of the Master's Degree in Health Sciences, Research and New Challenges.

The achievement of this Doctorate Program supposes, in addition, a new endorsement to the studies related to the branch of health of the University of Burgos, as well as to the degrees this environment is taught, as promoters of its development in innovative aspects of teaching and researchers, as well as with the aspirations of the UBU to get new degrees in this field.

With its teaching, from the next academic year, it is possible to launch studies historically demanded by the university community and which will promote research in the field of health in our environment, fundamentally with the University Hospital of Burgos and the Health System of Primary care as the main references, and to reinforce the research commitment of the University of Burgos with other relevant entities in the field of health research at the national level, at a time when society, as a consequence of the priorities revealed by this health crisis , you need them especially.